Welcome to Graceview Presbyterian Church

 Minister:  Reverend Stephen Dunkin

Worship Service Sunday Morning at 10:30

What do you believe? What do Christians believe? Does it matter what we believe or is it only important that we are sincere in what we believe? At Graceview we think that it is very important what a person believes. Actually, what you believe drives everything. The way you behave, the habits you form, the character that defines you at your core – all are driven by what you believe. It is our conviction that belief is so important that we are prepared to give 30 weeks starting in September 2015 to examining what the Bible says it is important to believe. 

Believe is a 30 week series that takes the top 30 ideas in the Bible that are important for every Christian to know. Using only text from the Bible, it teaches the 10 key beliefs, the 10 key practices and the 10 key virtues of the Christian faith.

Believe is transformational. The true power of Believe is in moving our beliefs from our heads to our hearts and this transforms our behaviours. Rodney Stark, a renowned sociologist, observed the power of transformative beliefs in his book, The Triumph of Christianity. He was struck by how Christianity grew from one man, Jesus, to a movement that by A.D. 350 had reached 56.5% of the western world. His analysis of the Christians’ radical response to epidemics and social issues led him to believe that these people actually believed the teachings of Jesus. They believed them in such a way that they took on flesh, and they literally changed their world.

 We invite you to join us for this life changing study. If you are just considering or are new to the Christian faith, Believe will help you grasp the basics of the Bible, but in a deepening, thought-provoking way that sheds new light on these beliefs for seasoned Christians.

Believe will challenge all of us to act on our beliefs in order to become more like Jesus. This is the key to real living.