Iguarsivik school


Student volunteers wear these vests on the playground during recess and lunch breaks and their authority is recognized to settle disputes and prevent violence. The school logo is in the centre with the title IGUARSIVIK above and PEACEMAKER below.  The title is repeated in Inuktitut.  Around the outside are the words, Effort, Respect, Safety, and Cooperation. The student volunteers learn leadership and responsibility while helping keep order and harmony during playtime. A donation from the Graceview Mission fund has contributed to this "Peacemaker" program which has been enthusiastically accepted by the children of this far northern community school.




Tiyese Nursery School - St. James CCAP - Blantyre Malawi

Progress Report Update – 20th February, 2017.

The following is an excerpt from an email by Anderson Fumulani: " Tiyese Children’s Centre continues to fully operate thanks to the support of Graceview Mission Church from Canada, partners of St. James CCAP church. The latest financial support of US$2,000 (two thousand US Dollars) was received during December 2016 – January 2017 period. Graceview Mission Church continues to provide financial support since the centre opened in March 2015 (a more detailed financial report will be provided separately)


The money provided by our partners, has largely been used to buy food items and pay some modest honoraria to the two volunteer foster mothers. Part of the money has also been used to buy the children uniforms and blankets. It was established that the majority of the children did not have proper beddings and were therefore exposed to colds during the night.


The Tiyese Children's Centre run by St. James CCAP in Blantyre, Malawi has grown to 46 pre-school children. These orphan and vulnerable children meet each day for basic reading and writing instruction and a safe place to play.  They also are guaranteed one meal a day prepared by two foster mothers.

The continuing support of the members and friends of Graceview through the Mission Fund is an important part of keeping this centre operating.

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