Here at Graceview, we are blessed with a Senior Choir of at least eighteen members.   In many suburban churches, the choir is often in decline, but here the opposite is the case.  Our Choir performs an Introit and a new Anthem every Sunday during the Church year and much more during the Advent, Christmas and Easter seasons.  We rehearse on Thursday evenings.  Before each rehearsal, a prayer is offered, asking for help and guidance to use effectively the ministry of music to inspire ourselves, and ultimately the congregation.  We consider this our mission statement.


Currently, the choir members are:


Al  Bishop

Lynne Bishop

Lenore Carty

Susan Chopp


Jean Fox

Alex Kerr

Nancy Kerr

Harry Learoyd



Margaret McKennell

Don Ryan

Sandy Taylor

Carol Thomas






Kathy Twynam

Anne Vranesic

Jim Waugh

Olivia Waugh


Our Director, Mr. Eric Medhurst, (B.A. Music, A.R.T.C. Piano Teacher’s, A.R.T.C. Piano Performance) has been with Grace / Graceview Presbyterian for over 35 years, and some of the music the Choir performs is composed by him.  Every member of the Choir is dedicated to our mission, and although we have fellowship and fun at rehearsals, the second part of our mission statement is always the focus of our efforts, that is  ...we "pray that our preparations tonight will ultimately glorify, magnify, and lift up our Lord Jesus Christ."