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Graceview Presbyterian Church

A Brief History

Graceview Presbyterian Church was formed in the year 2000, as a result of the amalgamation of Grace Presbyterian Church and Hillview Presbyterian Church, two legacy churches situated not far apart in the west end of Toronto.


Both of the original churches date back to the spring of 1955, a time when development was booming on the western edge of Toronto and surveys determined that population growth was more than sufficient to support two new Presbyterian churches in the area.  The congregations of both legacy churches initially met in private homes and, later, public schools, until funds were raised to purchase sites and erect church buildings. In September, 1958, Hillview’s Christian Education Centre was completed (followed by the church sanctuary in 1969), and in 1961 Grace’s permanent church building came into being. Both churches continued to function well until the 1990’s, when aging and dwindling congregations made it difficult to meet financial obligations. As that decade was drawing to a close, Hillview and Grace began to consider possible options, ultimately making the decision to amalgamate.  The Grace Church building was retained, a new minister was selected by members of both original congregations, and Graceview Presbyterian Church was born.


On April 2, 2000, the first amalgamated service was held, a service of thanksgiving and hope for the future. The amalgamation was incredibly successful, thanks to the goodwill of good people and to the inspirational guidance of its first minister. In a remarkably short period of time it was all but forgotten who had belonged to which original congregation.


Today, Graceview Presbyterian Church ministers not only to those of the legacy churches, but also to many others who have begun attending since amalgamation. The choir, under the direction of a superb music director, presents a new anthem in four parts every Sunday. There is a Sunday School Program for the children; a charitable outreach program well known for its good work in the community; many active committees and study groups; and a Mission Committee that in June of 2011 travelled to Malawi bringing aid to orphans and vulnerable children, and continues to support them.


By the grace of God, Graceview Presbyterian Church continues to successfully fulfil its mission "to worship God, to spread His word, and to serve communities near and far."