• Dear friends and members of Graceview,
    It is with great joy that I look forward to beginning my ministry with you in mid-August.
    Some words from one of my favorite hymns come to mind:
    We are pilgrims on a journey,
    and companions on the road.
    We are here to help each other
    Walk the mile and bear the load.
    I love these words because I believe the Christian faith to be a communal faith - one that only really works as a group of people gather to journey through life together. As we journey, we learn about each other, we share stories and experiences, we help each other as needed and encourage each other as we go.
    As your minister, I have a special calling to guide and teach you in the faith. However, I am well aware that I cannot do what I am called to do, without the whole community of individuals that make up Graceview showing up and doing their part.
    I hope you will join us on the journey. Please know my door is always open for a chat. I look forward to getting to know the wonderful people that make up this corner of God's Kingdom.
    Yours in Christ,