Rev. Rebekah Mitchell



Eric Medhurst (Music Director)

Our Director, Mr. Eric Medhurst, (B.A. Music, A.R.T.C. Piano Teacher’s, A.R.T.C. Piano Performance) has been with Grace / Graceview Presbyterian for over 35 years, and some of the music the Choir performs is composed by him. 


Eric Medhurst
Eric Medhurst

Faye Leaper  (Office Administrator)



Faye Leaper

Session Members (Ruling Elders)

Al Bishop

Lenore Carty

Susan Chopp

Nancy Green

Alex Henderson

Joan Kohar

John Lombardo



Nancy McPherson

Janet Ottewell

Maureen Screen

Sheila Thomas

Bob Twynam  (Clerk of Session)

Judy Vander Doelen


Board of Managers

The Board of Managers has the responsibility for maintenance of the church building, property and the management of the financial affairs of the church.  As in past years we have been able to manage the church through the generous donation of their free time.

The Board of Managers usually raise funds for the maintenance through their annual Garage Sale in the spring and Thank Offering collection which happens around Thanks Giving.

Current board members are:


Vice Chair & Secretary:


Envelope Secretary:

Property Manager:


Randy Rapson

Jacqueline Taylor

Robin Telfer

May Wright

Earl Nixon

Wayne Jarvis

Jim Norton

Alex Henderson (Session)